Victoria Olsi at Soho Theatre

Victoria Olsi wins LQBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year

Checkout Victoria’s winning performance, winning speech, and winning interview after winning the LQBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year Award! The full show will soon be coming to NextUp Comedy.

Victoria Olsi at the Semis of LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year

Victoria Olsi Performing @ The Blackout (Up the Creek Comedy Club)

Each event features 15-17 acts who are given 2 minutes of free stage time. Each night the show begins with MC handing out blackout cards to three people in the audience who have been selected as representatives to speak on behalf of those attending. After the set has reached 2 minutes, they can choose to hold up their Blackout card if they do not rate the performance.

When all three of the cards are held up you get a BLACKOUT! All lights in the space will shut down, leaving it in complete darkness. BUT if you can stay in the game for the whole five minutes, there is a moment of triumph and celebration when your lights come on and the music blares out.