victoria olsina stand up comedian posing like a pro

Victoria Olsi was born on September 21st, 1986 at 21:45 in a hospital in front of an ice cream shop in Alta Gracia, Argentina. She is the most interesting thing that happened to Alta Gracia since Che Guevara.

When she was 4 years old, her family moved to the city of Córdoba, which inspired several of her jokes. She graduated from Mark Twain High School, where she became bilingual. She got the top ten highest grades in Argentina for the IB exams in 2004, a detail that no one cares about but she would like to include in her bio.

She did two degrees at uni: advertising and multimedia design.

In 2013 she left Argentina due to the political and economic situation of the country, her first stop was Auckland, New Zealand. She lived there for 3 years, a period of her life that she describes as “boring”. Her fav place in New Zealand was Auckland’s airport departure lounge.

She moved to London on October 7th 2016 to fulfill her childhood dream of living in the same city of the Spice Girls, only to discover only Mel C and Emma still live here.

Victoria is a well know SEO consultant and speaker who has presented at dozens of industry conferences. It was at one of those conferences when an organiser suggested she should try stand-up comedy. Her style at conferences can be described as hilarious.

Victoria started doing stand-up comedy in early 2019 after taking Logan Murray’s course, and since then she has performed +200 gigs. Her style of comedy is observational and storytelling, with an Argentinian lesbian twist (the plot thickens, I know).

Victoria has performed at venues such as Up the Creek, 2Northdown, Backyard Comedy Club, the Poodle Club, Monkey Business, Downstairs at the King’s Head, and more. She also participated in a sold-out Edinburgh Fringe show called “Jumping off the Bandwagon”, together with fellow comedian Annie Sheppard.

In 2020 she made it to the semi-finals of Funny Women Stage Awards and 2Northdown New Act Competition.

In 2021, she became the co-founder and producer of 2 women-led nightsClandestina (queer women comedy night) & Mamas Comedy (women-led comedy night). These shows allowed her to perform with comics such as Sarah Keyworth, Olga Koch, Sophie Duker, Fern Brady, Helen Bauer, etc. On the same year, she was also featured on Next Up Shorts.

In 2022 she won LGTBQ+ New Comedian of the Year (2022)

UK’s LGBTQ comedian of the year 2022 finalists

She will be part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2022 with fellow comedian Charlie George to do Clandestina: Queer Comedy Triple Bill.

TV Credits:

Comedy Competitions:

  • Winner of LGTBQ+ New Comedian of the Year (2022)
  • Runner-up of the Blackout (2022)
  • As seen on Next Up Shorts (2021)
  • Semi-finalist of Funny Women Stage Awards (2020)
  • Semi-finalist of 2Northdown New Act Competition (2020)

Performances at:

  • Up the Creek
  • 2Northdown
  • Backyard Comedy Club
  • Monkey Business Comedy Club 
  • Poodle Club
  • Downstairs at the King’s Head
  • Sold-out Edinburgh Fringe show “Jumping off the Bandwagon” (2019)

Comedy training:

  • Logan Murray’s beginner’s course
  • Soho Theatre Comedy Lab Plus (2020)